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Basalt Mesh & Fibers

Basalt Woven Fabrics

Woven from yarns made from continuous-filament basalt, these fabrics are manufactured to varying thickness, weight, weave pattern and weaving technique according to end-use requirements.

  • Good adhesion characteristics for coatings
  • Non-combustible and fire-resistant
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Maintains integrity at temperatures up to 1800°F / 982°C
  • Resistant to electromagnetic radiation
    High-performance applications from
    construction to clothing:
  • Fire curtains for fire protection and containment (Tested and certified to BS 476)
  • Wall laminate to enhance burn-through times to meet building codes and regulations
  • Filtration material for industrial emission stacks and bag-houses
  • Roof protection from fire devastation
  • Fireproof clothing
  • Reinforcement in composites
  • Electromagnetic shields

Basalt Reinforcement Mesh

Strengthen concrete pours with Rebar Mesh. Available in different sizes with epoxy coatings for concrete and composites and asphalt coatings for asphalt reinforcement.

    Better than steel for many reasons
  • Stronger than steel wire of comparable size
  • By far lighter and easier to handle and install (no nasty cuts).
  • Will not rust or corrode or cause cracking of concrete
  • Flexible for easier design
  • Mesh does not conduct electricity or induce electric fields
  • It binds well with both asphalt and concrete
  • Many sizes available: 25x25mm or 10x10mm or 5x5mm coated or uncoated mesh available

Chopped Basalt Fibers

Chopped Fibers can be mixed directly into polymers and concrete to increase tensile strength and reduce cracking and chipping.

  • Available from 5.5 microns to 22 microns in diameter
  • Lengths available from 3mm to 130mm
  • They are completely resistant to alkali in concrete and require no special coatings
  • Chopped Fibers resist cold down to -260°F and heat up to 1,500°F
  • They do not conduct electricity or induce electrical fields
  • They do NOT absorb or wick water

So, thinner panel with less cracking and the ability to maintain fine molded details without small areas chipping off or breaking Available in punched needle mat, chopped strand mats, sheet molding compounds or reinforced polymers.

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Basalt Sample Packs available: $35

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Basalt Geo-Mesh

Basalt Geo-Mesh offers a number of advantages over metal or glass fiber used for pavement reinforcement:

  • Ecologically safe
  • Withstands very high temperature of molten asphalt
  • Very high strength and durability
  • They are stronger than steel wire of comparable size
  • They are dramatically lighter for easier handling and installation
  • The do not rust or corrode, and cannot cause spalling of concrete
  • They are completely resistant to the effects of the alkali in concrete, and require no special coatings for concrete use
  • They offer greater flexibility for easier installation
  • They do not conduct electricity or induce electrical fields
  • They bind well to both concrete and asphalt

Basalt Mat Fiber-Felt

Able to withstand temperatures up to 1800F/982C, basalt mat/felt is made of 100% continuous-filament basalt fiber manufactured in thicknesses to suit a broad range of applications.

  • Versatile way to protect structural steel from fire and heat devastation
  • Engine exhaust systems
  • Hot section heat shields
  • Industrial and domestic furnaces
  • Turbines
  • A safe asbestos replacement
  • High sound absorption for noise abatement
  • Fire protection/containment in refineries and oil rigs
  • Refrigeration insulation Basalt mat/felt provides very low thermal conductivity and can withstand continuous working temperatures in excess of 1500F/816C, making it a flexible material that ensures exceptional high-temperature performance

With excellent drapeability, it conforms to irregular surfaces to meet a variety of design needs, while its chemical properties make it highly durable and safe.

  • Non-respirable, 13 micron filament diameter
  • Meets chemical acceptability of NRC Guide 1.36, section C
  • Very high alkali and acid resistance (surpassing most mineral and synthetic fibers)
  • Negligible moisture absorption (less than 1% at 65% relative air humidity)environmental
  • Remarkable immunity to nuclear radiation, UV light and biologic contamination